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How to Read and Write a Japanese Address

Whether it’s in 漢字 or in romaji/English, there are a few particularities to the Japanese address system. The best way to learn how is to first understand the parts that make up the address.

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Thanks for visiting us at Anime Boston and Boston Japan Festival!

Thank you so much to all of those who visited our booths at Anime Boston and Boston Japan Festival in the previous weeks; our tabling efforts were a resounding success!

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Our Office Will Be Closed for Golden Week

Please note that our office, as well as most of our affiliate companies, will be closed from April 27th, 2019 to May 6th, 2019 for the national holidays occurring during Golden Week.

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Come Meet Us at Anime Boston 2019 and Japan Boston Festival 2019!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will have booths set up at Anime Boston 2019 and Japan Festival Boston 2019!

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How to Register Your Address After Moving to Japan

Anyone who arrives in Japan and receives a residency card(在留カード)is required to register their residential address with the government within 14 days of establishing a residence.

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Where to Get a Cell Phone Number in Japan

For anyone staying longer than a couple of months in Japan, there are times when a phone number is required, even if it’s just to purchase a commuter pass or to send a bank transfer.

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Is an Internship Abroad Better Than Studying Abroad?

With the ever-increasing amount of international exchange and the ever-evolving relationships between cultures, there has been no better time than the 21st century to study abroad.

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What to Bring to Japan from Home

Japan has a lot to offer, but some amenities may not compare to your favorites from home.

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How to Make a Cash Payment using Pay-Easy at a Japanese ATM

Pay-easy(ペイジー)is a standard payment method used in Japan to pay outstanding bills for utilities, housing, insurance, among many other things.

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5 Reasons to Do an Internship in Japan

Internships are becoming an indispensable tool in a university student’s arsenal of ways to gain practical experience that will help with job hunting after graduation.

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Announcing: en-japan’s “1-Day Internship” Seminars

In collaboration with Lighthouse Global, Inc., en-japan will be holding campus seminars to meet students and recent graduates with the drive to be future global business leaders.

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How to Perform a Cash Bank Transfer at an ATM

While Japan is mostly cash-based, large payments for things like rent are often handled at an ATM through a bank transfer. They can be made using cash at many ATMs.

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