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Our Managing Company is Hiring!

The Sakae Institute of Study Abroad is currently looking for quality candidates to participate in an internship at their office in Tokyo, Japan!

The Sakae Institute of Study Abroad(栄陽子留学研究所)focuses on providing educational counseling to Japanese students wishing to enroll in universities abroad, including hosting seminars to provide information and teach students, as well as conducting individual counseling. Our shared mission is to increase globalization across numerous markets in multiple countries while providing unique formative experiences for students.

Interns will be tasked with working with customers using a combination of English and Japanese in a professional setting, organizing and translating academic documents and materials for students, as well as developing new projects in collaboration with staff members as a part of a team. This is a great opportunity to work in a professional environment and practice Japanese, as well as build skills which are easily applicable to your future career. By working in a company which specializes in globalization and international learning, interns are provided with a great opportunity to increase their business and language skills in an environment that is easy to adapt to without feeling overwhelmed. Intern roles are varied, allowing interns to build their skillsets in numerous relevant professional areas. Being located in the center of Tokyo, interns will also be able to explore numerous sides of Japan in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

In order to apply, please register here with the Sakae Japan Internship Program under the “Japanese Language” category. During the registration process, please indicate your interest in applying for an internship with SISA and we will let you know if we can move forward! Please note: applicants should be current or recent university students with at least one year of first-hand experience at an accredited university in the US, and speak English natively.

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