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5 Top Jobs Available in Japan

It has been an eventful year to say the absolute least.

However, even in 2020, jobs in Japan are widely available. Based off of our internal database of jobs here in Japan, we've narrowed down five of the top job categories in demand from our affiliates:

Business Consultancy

There are tons of companies in Japan that have the ambition to operate their businesses on a global scale, and each of them can benefit from the support of employees with experience living outside of Japan. An international perspective can land you at a company where you can act as a cultural liaison, contact point for international clients, international market researcher, or even give you a start so that you can grow into a business administrative or marketing executive position down the line. Our affiliates work in areas such as human resources technology, web commerce, internet of things, and more, but companies in basically every industry are looking for eager professionals.

Japan isn't a small country, but some Japanese companies have ambitions of a global scale.

Web Development

Web engineering and web development is an area that is in high demand from companies in practically every industry in Japan. In the information age it's near impossible to run a business without some form of a web presence, and many companies' products live on the web themselves as apps or services. Web engineers and web developers are in high demand from all of these companies to help build and expand their presence on the internet, at all levels of development. Many of our affiliate companies are looking for support in front- and back-end as well as full-stack development for products such as business management tools and food and hospitality reservation systems, as well as for their public-facing company websites. The internet isn't going away any time soon. If this is what you're interested in, we can definitely help you out.

Making a career in Japan means you can experience all it has to offer.

Mobile Development

The demand for developers and engineers doesn't stop with coding for the web. Many of the same Japanese companies who are looking for support in web development are also designing native mobile apps for the same, overlapping, or even entirely different purposes. Just as with web development, mobile developers and mobile engineers are in high demand for all aspects of mobile app development. Our affiliate companies are looking for support with developing apps for medical chart systems, robotics interfaces, and apps contracted by their client companies. If mobile is your strong suit, we certainly have positions that could be perfect for you.

Software Engineering

While the demand in Japan for web and mobile development continues to grow, that certainly doesn't mean that other forms of software development have been left behind, by any means. Software developers and software engineers are also in high demand, and for an incredibly wide variety of applications. Positions range from working on server-side projects, cybersecurity, data science-related work, networking systems, and so much more. Admittedly, we're using software engineering here as a bit of a catch-all for some types of development not covered by web and mobile... but that's simply because there are an incredible number of programming positions available in our matchmaking database, and that number continues to grow.

UI / UX and Graphic Design

While engineers and developers can help with full stack, back-end, front-end, whichever, many companies are also looking for support when it comes to designing the overall look and feel of the user interface and user experience. With positions in mobile app design, web layouts, print design, visual asset creation, and more, the affiliate companies of ours that are looking for designers work in a vast number of industries ranging from robotics, to mobile games, to business software. Of course many of these require a portfolio, but that doesn't mean that you need years of work experience to break into the field here in Japan. Just share examples of your work with us when or after you apply, and we'll be sure to get you on the right track.

Japan is looking for talent like you.

These are listed in no specific order, and the positions in our database certainly aren't limited to these five categories. Some of our other positions include ryokan staff and English teachers, among others. However, as jobs are always coming and going, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the availability of any specific positions. We simply want to showcase the wide variety of positions available to those who are looking to start or continue their career in Japan. As soon as you apply, we will get started right away on matching you to any of the affiliate company positions that are a fit for you! Register today to get started!

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