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How to Buy a Commuter Pass in Japan

An example of a standard PASMO Commuter Pass.

If you take the train or bus to commute along the same route every day, you can get an IC Card Commuter Pass to save a few hundred yen each month. They can also be used as a regular IC Card to pay for fares that take you outside of your regular commute! (Read more about regular IC Cards in our other How To guide about transportation.)

How to Buy a Pass

Step 1

Find a ticket machine along your commute which sells commuter passes (定期券 / teikiken). (Please note, not all train lines support English for purchasing commuter passes, and some only sell commuter passes during select hours.)

Step 2

Select “Commuter Pass,” and then “Train Commuter Pass” if given the option. Select “New Pass.”

Step 3

Select the departure station, the train line you will use, and then the arrival station. You may be prompted to select a transfer station/route if there are alternative paths.

Step 4

Select “Adult,” and then choose “PASMO / Suica” to obtain the IC Card. Agree to the terms.

Step 5

Enter your name, gender, birthdate, and a Japanese phone number. Select the length of the pass (1, 3, or 6 months) and a start date for the pass.

Step 6

Confirm the details, and pay for the pass. Don’t forget your receipt, change, and the pass itself!

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