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Announcing: en-japan’s “1-Day Internship” Seminars

Japanese version is below. 日本語版は下にあります。

Seminars will be held by en-japan inc. at universities across the west coast of North America.

As of January 2019, en-japan inc., a Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section-listed company, has begun efforts to expand its HR business not only in Japan but in seven overseas countries as well. As part of this effort, en-japan has decided to visit several university campuses.

Especially among Japan’s top human resources entrepreneurs and businesses, en-japan has the distinction of gaining the trust and support of its customer and user base. Due to its rapid increase in profitability and sales growth, en-japan has decided to enter the US market as part of its global expansion effort.

In collaboration with Lighthouse Global, Inc. (partial provider of the Sakae Japan Internship Program), en-japan will be holding campus seminars to meet students and recent graduates with life experience abroad, with contact networks transcending nationality and background, and with the drive to be future of global business leaders at en-japan.

These seminars are not only information sessions about en-japan. Attendees will also participate in a workshop in which they will be able to experience the real energy of en-japan’s variety of overseas businesses and rich work culture.

Before the seminars, attendees will take en-japan’s personality and aptitude test, a standard process for job hunting in Japan. Attendees will have a rare chance to see the results of their personality and aptitude test. The workshop will teach the secrets recruiters use to understand the output of these tests, and what recruiters look for in selecting candidates. First-time and veteran job hunters will all be able to learn something new.

We hope to interest you in the opportunity to jump-start your career with this “1-Day Internship” at en-japan, but please feel free to join us without obligation, as we will not hold interviews on the day of the seminar.

About the Personality and Aptitude Test

More than 7,000 large companies hiring new graduates use en-japan’s personality and aptitude test each year. Attendees will take this same test to gain first-hand knowledge of the process.

Based on the results of the test, attendees will receive specific advice from professionals on how to use information on their individual preferences and aptitudes during the job hunting process. Attendees will also learn how to read the test results, and how recruiters evaluate the results.

Typically, these results are not disclosed to job candidates. Only attendees of this seminar will have the chance to see their results and have a sneak peek into the information recruiters use for the candidate evaluation process.

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and job-hunting know-how. We look forward to meeting you!


  • Attendees must be on track to have graduated and completed coursework by December 2020.
  • Attendees should be able to speak business-level or higher Japanese.
  • International and exchange students are also welcome!


Entries closed on March 31st (JST). Registrants will receive instructions later regarding the Personality and Aptitude Test.

There is no fee for the seminar or test.


Refreshments will be provided. Conducted in Japanese. Location will be provided after registration.

Tuesday, April 2 — The University of British Columbia

Check-in Time 17:30・Start Time 18:00

Wednesday, April 3 — University of Washington

Check-in Time 17:30・Start Time 18:00

Thursday, April 4 — San Francisco State University

Check-in Time 17:30・Start Time 18:00

Friday, April 5 — University of California Los Angeles

Check-in Time 17:30・Start Time 18:00

Saturday, April 6 — University of California San Deigo

Check-in Time 14:30・Start Time 15:00

About en-japan inc.

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