Announcing: The SJIP Discount for Mobal SIM Cards!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Sakae Japan Internship Program (via Lighthouse Global, Inc.) has affiliated with Mobal to help provide applicants and participants a discounted way to obtain mobile and data services in Japan for unlocked smartphones!

Mobal is one of Japan’s most popular service providers, as they provide support in English, and have some of the best rates around for unlimited data and SMS/voice + unlimited data plans. They’ve been featured on Tokyo Cheapo, Japan Today, and through Japan Airlines and Japanese travel agency JTB.

No matter which option you choose, you’d normally have to buy the SIM card with your plan for an additional ¥3,000. But we’ve got an even better deal for our applicants! We’ve partnered with Mobal to bring you a discounted price of ¥1,000 for the card (that’s a savings of nearly 20 USD), and you’ll even get a bonus ¥1,000 credit you can spend on texts and calls! It immediately pays for itself!! All you have to do is make your purchase through this link:

Buy your Mobal Japan SIM Card

Buy your Japan SIM Card here:

SMS/Voice + Unlimited Data Plans

Surprisingly more affordable than even the Data-Only SIM cards they offer, Mobal’s SMS/Voice + Unlimited Data cards are the most popular offering. They come in 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or long-term options. Service for each plan works out to be ¥4,500 per 30 days/1 month. The unlimited data includes up to 7 GB each month at 4G LTE speeds (ideal for streaming music and video) and unlimited 128 kbps data (suitable for messaging, web browsing, etc.) after that. Calls and texts received by you are completely free, and outgoing calls/texts are at reasonable rates.

Don’t forget, your phone will need to be SIM-free or unlocked to use in Japan!

Data-Only Plans

If you don’t need a phone number for things like buying a commuter pass, or even signing up for a bank account if you’re a new Japanese resident, Data-only plans are also available, starting at ¥3,990 for 8 days of use. (You might as well go ahead and fork up the extra ¥510 for the whole month!)

SMS/Voice-Only Plans

Not much of a music-listener or a video-watcher? No problem! Mobal has SMS/Voice-only plans as well, for only ¥1,000/month. Calls and texts cost the same per minute as the plans with data, with incoming calls and texts free of charge.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Buy your Mobal Japan SIM Card

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