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Thanks for Coming to the SJIP Mixer!

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend our very first SJIP Intern Mixer Event! We had 10 people in attendance, including current interns and program alumni. Everyone was able to make new friends and connections, and we all had a blast!

Ever since placing our first intern with a position here in Japan, we have wanted to establish a sense of belonging and community for our participants. Our program aims to not only help students and recent graduates from around the world start a career here in Japan, but also to help them make new connections and experiences from which they can benefit for a lifetime. This social event was the first of many steps we are taking to help achieve that goal.

For this first-ever event, current SJIP interns and program alumni were all invited to gather for a relaxed evening of food, drinks, and socialization. It was a perfect chance for participants to make friends with other interns at our affiliate companies, and alumni of the program who continue to live in Tokyo and the surrounding area!

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