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5 Reasons to Do an Internship in Japan

Internships are becoming an indispensable tool in a university student’s arsenal of ways to gain practical experience that will help with job hunting after graduation. Here are some reasons why Japanese internships are even better:

1. Boost your resume with extra experience.

As with any work experience, an internship is another line you can add to your resume to show to potential employers that you’ve got work ethic. If you are applying to employers in Japan, an internship in Japan shows them (and the immigration office) that you are dedicated to living here. It’s also appealing if you plan on applying outside of Japan, as it shows employers that you have international experience, and can likely handle new situations and cultures with grace.

2. Gain technical skills with an apprentice-like experience.

To some, an apprenticeship may sound like it’s to study under a blacksmith or carpenter from the 1700s. But even in 2019, an internship in Japan isn’t too different. Japanese internship placements not only add a line to your resume, but they also give you the experience to back it up. Similarly to an apprentice system, most internships in Japan place you under the supervision of a mentor who will teach you the ropes of the company and your industry.

3. Boost your language skills.

Whether the only word you know is “arigatou,” or you regularly read the 朝日新聞, working in Japan is the best way to get first-hand practice with business Japanese. Each host company will vary in terms of the level of English that its employees can speak. We, of course, consider this when matching our applicants with potential opportunities. However, your coworkers will most assuredly know Japanese, and you will be able to use that to your advantage when socializing and getting to know them, as well as on the job, to gain an understanding of real-life business Japanese.

4. Networking.

It’s all about who you know. Tokyo is among the biggest when it comes to international cities, and navigating a career in Japan is only made more accessible by knowing some names around town. Get your foot in the door at one of Japan’s leading companies through our program, and you’ll be sure to have a network of contacts to launch you into a career in Japan.

5. You might even get a full-time job offer!

Internships in Japan aren’t just for extra experience or for resume-building. Employers will more often than not use the internship program itself as a trial period to see if a candidate will make a good employee, long-term. Assuming your placement goes smoothly, there’s a substantial chance that you will have a full-time job offer waiting for you at the end of your program!

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