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How to Make a Cash Payment using Pay-Easy at a Japanese ATM

Pay-easyペイジー)is a standard payment method used in Japan to pay outstanding bills for utilities, housing, insurance, among many other things. This standardized system is usually used to pay bills through internet banking services, but it can also be used at an ATM using a Japanese ATM card, or using cash. It’s generally free to use, and more widely available at ATMs than cash bank transfers. Please refer to this guide to help you make cash payments at an ATM through Pay-easy.

Important Notes

At the time of this article, most recipients do not require a fee to process payments.

A small selection of Pay-easy recipients cannot receive payments from an ATM.

ATMs can only perform cash payments of ¥100,000 or less (excluding government recipients). Please contact the payment recipient if you do not have a bank account from which you can send larger payments.

Pay-easy payments, like bank transfers, take a business day or two to process.

Most bank ATMs will only perform Pay-easy cash payments during business hours (usu. M~F, 8:45~18:00). Outside of these hours, payments must be made using an ATM card.

Some banks only offer Pay-easy payments in Japanese.

Required Information

Recipient Number (5 digits)

収納機関番号(しゅうのうきかんばんごう)shuunou kikan bangou

Customer Number or Payment Number (20 digits or less)

お客様番号(おきゃくさまばんごう)okyaku-sama bangou

納付番号(のうふばんごう)noufu bangou

Confirmation Number (6 digits or less)

確認番号(かくにんばんごう)kakunin bangou

Payment Division (Optional, reserved for government payments)

納付区分(のうふくぶん)noufu kubun

A sample utility bill with Pay-easy payment information. Some companies offer paperless billing.

Instructions for Payment

Step 1 — Begin the payment process

Select the option on the ATM for “Bill Payments (Pay-easy)” or “Payment of taxes or bills.”

Step 2 — Enter the bill information

Enter the Recipient Number (収納機関番号; sometimes referred to as the Storage Organization Number). Next, enter the Customer Number (お客様番号). Finally, enter the Confirmation Number (確認番号).

Step 3 — Confirm the payment details

The payment information will be displayed. Confirm that the details are correct, and proceed.

Step 4 — Pay the amount

Pay the amount using cash. You may also use a Japanese ATM card (cash card) if you have a Japanese bank account with the same bank as the ATM you are using.

Step 5 — Don’t forget your receipt!

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