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What is the Sakae Japan Internship Program?

Our ultimate goals at the Sakae Japan Internship Program are to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world, and to advocate for diversity and internationalization in Japan. We seek to achieve these goals through matching talented students and recent graduates with Japanese companies looking for skilled foreign interns.

In order to give international students and graduates the opportunity to work within their field in an international environment, we hand-pick internship opportunities for each intern. By working directly with applicants to determine their professional skills, languages skills, and availability, and by working directly with companies which would not otherwise be able to look for interns from abroad, the Sakae Japan Internship Program can pair up interns with jobs that are perfectly tailored to them.

SJIP is a partnership between two companies founded by Ms. Yoko Sakae.

The Sakae Japan Internship Program is a partnership between The Sakae Institute of Study Abroad and subsidiary company, Lighthouse Global, Inc. Founded in 1972 by Ms. Yoko Sakae, The Sakae Institute of Study Abroad has provided Japanese students with the counseling and support they need to study abroad in America. Lighthouse Global, Inc. was founded in 2010, and has helped a large number of international students and graduates obtain employment in Japanese companies. With our combined expertise in offering study abroad and career support, and using our network of connections, we offer information and career counseling services for university students and recent graduates looking to intern or work with Japanese companies.

How is this possible?

The Sakae Japan Internship Program is hosted by the Sakae Institute for Study Abroad, an educational consulting company which has helped over 10,000 Japanese students find study abroad programs overseas in the 45 years since its founding. We are able to arrange internships by collaborating with these former students, now working in numerous industries in Japan, as well as with our network of affiliated companies, all of which share the same goal to help internationalize Japan. Our affiliated companies and internship hosts help arrange and pay for the various major expenses each intern will encounter, and interns receive support from both their host company and SJIP for the entirety of their stay in Japan.

Our Affiliated Companies

The Sakae Japan Internship Program ensures each affiliate company is thoroughly vetted beforehand to make sure that they are prepared to hire foreign interns, and that they share our vision and are willing to work with us to assist interns in their development. As per our standard, each company wishing to host an intern must be willing to provide support for their intern past simple help in the office, and to make sure that the intern’s experience is as holistic as possible.

Internships and Beyond

The support that the Sakae Japan Internship Program provides does not end once participants finish their internship. Through the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad’s subsidiary company, Lighthouse Global, Inc., interns who wish to work full-time in Japan in the future can receive free employment support and services once their internship comes to a close. This support is also available at no cost to those who are interested in full-time employment instead of an internship.

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