About Japan Careers Program

Our ultimate goals are to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world and to advocate for diversity and internationalization in Japan. We aim to do so by matching talented students and workers with Japanese companies looking for an international edge.

Great companies trust in us

We are always adding to our roster of verified companies and positions. You can trust that any company or position marked as “JCP Verified” on our website will be vetted for quality, and will be among those we can consider for you through our matchmaking service.


The teams behind our program

Japan Careers Program is operated alongside the Sakae Japan Internship Program. Both programs are collaboratively managed by Lighthouse Global, Inc., and Sakae Institute of Study Abroad.

Japan Careers Program

Start or move your career to Japan.

Japan Careers Program was designed from the ground up to cater to soon-to-graduate or recently-graduated students, as well as early-to-mid-career workers hoping to start or change their careers in Japan.

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Sakae Japan Internship Program

Gain internship experience with world-class companies.

The Sakae Japan Internship Program first started in 2017 and offers internship opportunities to students around the world who want to live in and experience Japan first-hand, with a possibility of working here long-term after graduation.

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Managing Companies

Lighthouse Global Inc.

Lighthouse Global, Inc. was established in 2010 and has aided many international students and graduates with obtaining employment in Japanese companies.

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Sakae Institute of Study Abroad

Founded in 1972 by Ms. Yoko Sakae, The Sakae Institute of Study Abroad has provided Japanese students with the counseling and support they need to study abroad in America.

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