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Featured Testimonials

The willingness from SJIP to help and be a good support system has been amazing!
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I had already studied in Japan before, but I was still able to experience new things. My work gave me a ticket to see a kabuki play, which I never thought I'd be able to see, and I was really moved by the performance.
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SJIP really helped me negotiate my living arrangements and make my transition as simple as possible. They showed continued interest in my well-being while I was in Japan and checked in with me regularly to provide support.
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I like Japan for its culture, place, and people. In technology, Japan is one of the leading countries known for its cutting-edge discoveries. Because of that, I think that I got the mentorship and growth I hoped for.
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Industries with opportunities.

Based on availability, we've categorized our opportunities into three categories. Pick the option that best applies to you.
JApanese LAnguage

If you'll have a degree in Japanese, or can speak Japanese conversationally, start here.

Preferred Qualifications:
Understand high-intermediate Japanese (i.e., N3 or higher)
Finishing or recently awarded
a uni. degree, or already in Japan

Most Availability
Computer Science / Tech

If you'll have a degree in IT,
CS, Electrical Engineering, or a similar field, start here.

Preferred Qualifications:
Understand in-demand programming language(s)
Finishing or recently awarded a uni. degree in STEM, or already in Japan

Other Fields

If the previous options don't apply to you, we may still be able to help you.

Opportunities are often available for students and recent graduates looking to challenge themselves.

Feel free to register using the form linked below.

Affiliates aplenty.

We select our affiliate companies based on how they value diversity and global thinking. Here's a selection of possible hosts:
Company A, Inc.
Business Consultancy Firm
Company B, Inc.
Human Resources Agency
C Company, Ltd.
Automotive Repair
D, Co.
Health Services
Company E, Inc.

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