Web Engineer

TripodWorks CO., LTD.

Collaborate on full-stack web development for an innovative, IoT-focused company.


3,200,000+ JPY / Yr. (Estimate Only)



Engineers will work with the IoT-related service development and client projects in cooperation with TripodWork's own development team and development partner. There is room to proceed from your own skillset, and then grow into your speciality. Development on the server side is essential, and at present, SpringBoot / Struts (Java) is often used. The front end uses a mobile app (native / Apache Cordova) depending on the project. TripodWorks is also actively proposing and introducing Azure and AWS services. The development environment is Windows, the IDE is IntelliJ IDEA / Visual Studio Code, the repository is GitHub, and the CI is Jenkins.

The IoT Solutions Department is working on the development of IoT-related services (in-house / client companies) and the development of tools that support the business of client companies with a focus on the cloud, mobile applications, and IoT devices.

Japanese Language: Upper N3 or higher
English: Business (N2) or higher

・ Experience building / development / operation of server-side applications, or equivalent skills
・ Experience building / developing / operating server-side applications using relational databases such as MySQL, or equivalent skills
・ Business system development experience and system engineering experience
・ Knowledge of Java / Python / Ruby / Node.js
・ Knowledge of each Azure service
・ Knowledge about mobile application development
・ Hard-working spirit
・ Ability to adjust and adapt to client requests/specifications

TBD upon offer.

TripodWorks is a venture-oriented company with a bottom-up, not top-down, corporate culture, providing security and software solutions, as well as video analysis technologies, IoT solutions such as in-vehicle IoT, private 5G networking, drones, and more. Already boasting over 250,000 installation records at major companies across Japan, TripodWorks is steadily expanding its business intending to prepare for listing on the stock exchange, and looking to further expand the company scale.

We are not looking to create a business/product that will attract attention in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but rather a business/product that will be recognized around the world from a "local" perspective, allowing us to work at a high level while still being located in Sendai. We are a company that has been selected as a Sendai Future Creation Company and a Tohoku J-Startup by the Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and is attracting attention as a driving force of local industry and as a company that will make great strides from our region to the world.

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