Software/Cybersecurity Development

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    New Graduates/No Experience Required
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Company Info.

This company is a major developer and distributor of computer security software, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and founded nearly two decades ago. With security software installed on over one million computers at approximately one thousand companies, government agencies, schools, and more, they have been helping protect the world from many of the major cyber-attacks since their founding. With distributions in Japan, China, and America, this company places a large emphasis on expanding into the global market with their products.

Position Description

The development team works closely together to evolve the company’s various security products.

Some of the work may include, but is not limited to data management:
- Building whitelists for defense platforms
- Analyzing logs with security data gathered from clients
- Analyzing distributions of data from the company’s software releases

Ideal Candidate

- Must be enrolled in or have recently graduated from university
- Major or minor in Computer Science or related subjects
- Familiarity with word processing, data management, and presentation software required
- Works well in collaborative environments
- The ability to manage, plan, and efficiently execute tasks within a large project is highly valued.
- Strong understanding of C/C++ programming languages a plus
- Experience or strong interest in living in Japan a plus
- Strong interest in programming as a career/interest in company a plus

English: Native required
Japanese: Introductory or higher a plus

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