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Data Scientist

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  • Exp. Requirement
    Some Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Intermediate/Advanced (N2+)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

This company's main product is an easy and convenient reservation management platform for food service providers, from high-class restaurants, to pubs, and everything in between. The service is said to sharply reduce the amount of valuable time restaurant staff spends managing reservations. While simultaneously providing an indispensable tool for efficient store management, the company aims to help lagging food and hospitality providers leap into the modern day with vital digital services.

Position Description

It has been over five years since this company began service, and it has since logged over 66 million reservations for over 200 million users. With the reservations and number of registered stores only continuing to accumulate, the information and data that can be generated also continues to grow. The data becomes further multi-dimensional when information additional functions such as POS Connect and Media Connect are taken into account. These collected data points are totaled, analyzed, and shared with clients, and can be utilized to get a clear overall picture of management, and what improvements can be made.

This company believes that it's not only possible to provide current aggregation and analysis methods, but to share data which can be utilized in the food service industry from a sophisticated, multi-dimensional perspective. For example, through analyzing the number of times a customer has visited a shop, if their reservation rates can be compounded with which plates they order most often, improvements can be made to the menu, and stores can better connect to the most loyal patrons. Additionally, through analyzing the most common paths to a completed reservation, and adding in information such as repeat visits, average cost of a visit, purchased meals, party size, etc., it's also possible to develop stronger marketing and social media campaigns.

Data Scientists will use data and analyze logs accumulated within the company's products to improve services and functionality, as well as analyze restaurants and customer demographics.

The company is looking for Data Scientists who can quickly provide value to company clients using ideas and hypotheses such as those above, while exploring new possibilities and solutions for future offerings.

・Improvements and features for provided services, suggestions for business strategy
・Data collection and pre-processing
・Machine Learning model drafting and verification
・Analyze customer behavior based on hypotheses and convert results into easy-to-understand stories
・Define and evaluate important metrics, investigate and clarify the causes of changing metrics
・Construct an accessible analysis environment while maintaining the reproducibility of the results
・Democratize the collected data and strengthen the company's core literacy

Ideal Candidate

・You understand business strategy, and can analyze and consider various business solutions
・You can come up with possible solutions for even the hardest problems, and can work with a sense of responsibility
・You can work directly with existing source code and databases, and without resistance
・You have an inquisitive mind and like to dig deep
・You pursue true collaboration in team settings

・Business-level (N2) Japanese or higher
・Business experience as a data scientist
・Expertise in machine learning and statistics
・Knowledge of RDBMS/SQL
・Experience with Google BigQuery or other similar data stores
・Programming experience with R/Python

・Web application programming experience
・Image recognition, speech recognition, and/or natural language processing experience
・Experience using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Clojure, and/or Kubernetes, etc.
・Experience participating in open-source project(s)
・Experience with business consultancy in a data analysis/project proposal context
・Experience or strong interest in the food service industry

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