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Japan Careers Program is the most comprehensive resource for starting or changing your career in Japan
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We're your friend in Japan.

Our support keeps going, even after you arrive.
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We'll guide you to reliable resources to find a roof to put over your head.

Visa Support

If you need a visa, we'll help make the process as easy as possible.

Social Events

We host regular social events so you can meet other interns and program alumni!

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We'll meet monthly to give you a safe space to talk about your job.

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General Guidance

We're always around to help you with any issues that may arise from adjusting to and living in Japan.

Discover great opportunities with world-class companies.

We've handpicked some of the best opportunities for you in Japan from companies with the greatest potential.

Trusted by over 6,800 candidates around the world. And counting.

Applicants like you come from 900+ universities from around the world. Ask your senpai about our program, or read in-depth testimonial interviews with some of our success stories.

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Jennifer Ko

UI/UX Designer

“It's given me the opportunity to come here [to Japan]... I think it's great how the program really sets you up for a future employment opportunity.”

Prachan Shrestha

Business Consultant

“My coworkers are very friendly, and our office environment is very co-operative. Everyone works very hard and focuses on what they can learn.”

Jesse Pham

Software Marketing

“The ability to have you connect companies to us and vouch for our character and tell the company what we can offer them...was probably the absolute most valuable thing.”



“The program really helped make my transition as simple as possible. They showed continued interest in my well-being while I was in Japan and checked in with me regularly to provide support.”

We've done the research so you don't have to.

Moving to Japan can seem intimidating, but we're committed to making it a breeze for you. Drawing from our own experiences and expertise, we're regularly adding blog posts about about the most common issues.