UI Designer

Livesense Inc.

Design the UI for an industry-disrupting recruitment web service.


¥5,000,000+ / YR

3,200,000+ JPY / Yr. (Estimate Only)



Working with product managers and engineers, you will be responsible for UI design and coding-related tasks for Tenshoku Draft.

▼ Your main responsibilities will include:
Develop UX and UI designs for new and existing services, and make improvements based on the knowledge gained through verification.
Implementation of UI using HTML/CSS (including design of production items such as Ad-related banner production)
Information design, planning, and proposal to create optimal user experience (for both toC and toB)
Collaborate with engineers
Design (in collaboration with other designers in the team) *Includes design of sales materials used in the business
Periodic maintenance and update of overall UI design, including component design (in the long term)

▼ Product design references:
Tenshoku Draft (site for non-members and non-logged-in users)
Tenshoku Draft Report (User Communication Point of Contact)

▼ How we work:
The development style of the team is to proceed on a sprint basis with assignments made for each project.
In general, you are expected to be in charge of the assigned projects by yourself, but we will work together as a team.
In addition, when you work on an actual project, you will be involved from the planning stage.
You will not necessarily be designing something predetermined but will be able to improve services and create businesses and products by yourself.
If you are not satisfied with simply executing pre-planned work, this is the right position for you.

▼ What is Tenshoku Draft?
We provide a direct recruiting service specializing in IT engineers.
We have achieved growth as a job search platform based on the uniqueness of our recruitment process, where hiring companies bid on technical skills and project experience with annual salary and other appeal points.
The job market for engineers is growing due to the chronic shortage of talent, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since the launch of our service in 2016, the number of users and participating companies has grown steadily, and we have achieved a 170% increase in sales compared to the previous year. (We also operate a similar service for Designers, called Designer Draft.)

Features of the product:
With the unique feature of competitive-bidding-type, direct recruiting, we seek to create a product that improves the value of a career change and the recruitment experience.
We continue to refine the value of our products in order to provide a highly transparent and fair way to connect people to work.

The world that our business and products are aiming for:
The skills of engineers required by the market and the achievements to be evaluated are constantly changing.
Even in a changing market environment, our business encourages and supports taking stock of one's skills on a regular basis and confirming their current market value, and aims to create a world where people can form long-term careers as engineers.

▼ MUST (Regardless of industry/educational background)
Experience in UI/UX design for web services (at least 1 year of web product design experience), particularly designing and producing from scratch.
Those who can make design proposals from the user's perspective
Experience collaborating with people from other industries (directors, planners, engineers)
Design and coding experience using HTML5/CSS3 (Sass)
Experience in version control using Git/Github
Experience in design development and implementation of responsive web design
Beginning Japanese proficiency (About N4 or above)

Experience developing SaaS model products
Experience in UX research
Experience designing for advertising such as LPs and banners
Experience building and managing design systems
Front-end implementation using JavaScript (especially experience with Vue.js and jQuery)
Experience coding with frameworks such as Bootstrap
Experience in front-end implementation on frameworks such as Rails

▼ In your design portfolio, please describe in detail what the respective problem was, and what measures and expressions were used to solve the problem using design. Screening process to involve 2+ interviews.

The Tenshoku Draft team consists of about 30 people, and within the department, there is a development group of designers (1) and engineers (4).
Work with planners and engineers in a small team as assigned to various projects.
We also have regular study sessions and lunch meetings with designers from other divisions, where we can exchange opinions frankly.
The environment is conducive to collaboration and knowledge sharing among designers who are not responsible for the same business.

▼ Salary
Annual salary: 5 - 7.5 million yen
(Includes 30 hours of fixed overtime)
Determined in accordance with our company's regulations, taking into consideration your wishes and experience.
Additional wages will be paid for holiday work and late-night work.

▼ No smoking indoors
(Smoking room available)

▼ Trial period
2 months (There is no change in treatment during the trial period.)

▼ Working hours
10:00 - 19:00 (8 hours of work)
Including 60 minutes of break time

▼ Benefits
Salary increase twice a year
Various types of social insurance (health, unemployment, worker's compensation, employee's pension) - Member of Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
Transportation expenses paid according to the number of days you work at the office, with an upper limit of one month equivalent to the purchase price of a commuter pass (within 50,000 yen).
Remote work allowance (5,000 yen/month - This is a contingency plan and may change in the future.)

▼ Working style
"Work From Anywhere" (remote work system)
"My Regular Hours" (system for selecting working hours)

▼ Holidays
2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
National Holidays
New Year holidays
Paid vacations (the number of days stipulated by the company will be granted immediately after joining the company)
Maternity leave
Volunteer leave (up to 3 days)
Stored pay system (can be stored for 2 years after the day following the expiration of the statute of limitations)
Congratulation or condolence leave
Shortening of prescribed working hours for childcare
Childcare leave system

▼ About Livesense

"Happiness Begetting Happiness," and "Invent the next common."
Livesense is working every day to realize this philosophy and vision.

These goals are highly abstract and may be difficult to visualize.
However, our goal is to use the power of web services to eliminate disadvantages, disparities, inefficiencies, and other irrationalities in people's lives, regardless of industry.

Working from the inside out, we approach a wide range of targets within lifestyles as a whole, regardless of industry, with these abstract expressions in mind.

▼ Why do we do it?

- Because we are particular about "what we do" and "what we don't do."
What do we want to achieve through our services?
We want to work with people who can look beyond just creating.
"Growth" is a process necessary to realize our goals, not a goal in and of itself.
We have many employees who are particular about what they do with their abilities, and what they don't do, for what they need to achieve.

- Because it's imperative for a job title-transcending service.
This is a company where the framework of job titles is loose, in a good sense.
This is because the focus is not on one's own role, but on the goals to be achieved by the service as described above.
In order to create services that are truly useful to users, we want people to naturally work beyond their own job title whenever it makes sense to do so.
For this reason, there are many employees who work in a way that is not bound by their job titles, such as an engineer who takes on the role of a director, or a salesperson who is proficient in SQL language.

▼ What kind of colleagues work here?

There are many talented people from major web service companies who have moved to our company.
They are all people who think, "I want to use my skills and experience for the benefit of the world."
As a company, we are thinking about how to draw out their abilities and create synergy by combining their diverse skills.

The most important aspect of creating a culture is a "learning culture."
The "learning culture" is so ingrained in our company that each engineer plans and presides over his or her own study group on learning themes that they feel are necessary.
For example, famous engineers from major IT companies are invited as lecturers, and designers plan study sessions to learn by watching movies.
We are always keeping our antennae alert for answers to the question, "What's the next 'natural' step?"

All job descriptions listed on our website are examples for illustrative purposes only.
One of our Global HR Consultants will share a genuine job description with you after a potential match has been found.

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