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Structural Engineer

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Company Info.

Founded in 2010, this company's mission is to construct a sustainable Earth and Moon ecosystem implementing space resources, such as marketing support for space content industries, the sale and survey of Moon surface data, high-frequency lunar transport, payload development for lunar orbiting and landing, and R&D for space resource development. With Japan’s high-quality craftsmanship and coordinated leadership, the company contributes to the construction of a cosmic-scale sphere of life that will support humankind.

Position Description

This company is seeking a highly motivated and talented engineering intern to join its team and develop tomorrow’s lunar exploration technologies.

Example Tasks
・Support the structural and mechanical design efforts for spacecraft development, including lander and other transportation system elements
・Collaborate on architecture design, trade studies, component and manufacturing process selection
・Support product definition, specification and requirements efforts
・Support preliminary design including trade studies, material, component and manufacturing process selection
・Support detailed design of spacecraft systems for structural, thermal and operational performance
・Supporting other engineers' analysis by providing and simplifying 3D models
・Support rapid prototyping, hardware assembly, integrating and test
・Develop and maintain software for structures and mechanisms design
・Support testing including travel to test sites
・Report to the Spacecraft Structures Lead
・Maintain strong communication with spacecraft development team leadership and effectively partner with different program elements to balance and achieve program goals

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have a breadth of knowledge in the mechanical design of space mechanisms and structures and/or MGSE.

Required Skills and Qualifications
・Working on or holding BS in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or robotics, especially with an emphasis in the design of space applications and/or MGSE
・Is knowledgeable about mechanical design, material selection, and fabrication processes for spaceflight hardware
・Has extensive experience with CAD software packages
・Has knowledge of Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T)
・Must have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills
・Be comfortable with change and fast-pace environment
・Proactive attitude, team player

Preferred Experience
・Proficiency in Solidworks CAD package
・Design of complex mechanisms
・Be knowledgeable of space environmental tests
・Has experience with spacecraft design and integration
・Has experience with new development projects

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