Mobile Games, Live Entertainment

Software Engineer

  • Category
  • Exp. Requirement
    Some Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Intermediate/Advanced (N2+)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

This company follows a "heart-driven" vision by embracing individual independence and creativity. Their business is to develop games that have a deep understanding of the world of IP and to build long-term relationships with their fans. They aim to achieve global growth as an IP-production company centered on games with the two wheelhouses of organizational power and business power.

The company's offerings can be divided into two categories: Mobile Gaming and Live Experiences.

▼ Mobile Gaming
The company is consistently developing and operating multiple projects including existing titles and new killer titles using world-famous IP. Gaming has been their core business since 2010 with the mission of bringing happiness to the world with the power of games.

▼ Live Experience
The Live Experience category is a newer business that provides live, realistic, and exciting experiences to people all over the world. The company is expanding the possibilities of excitement in the gaming world, and bringing entertainment opportunities to more people. Their services deliver enriching, real-life experiences in various contexts, from standard events, to tourism guides for visitors to Japan, to tourist attractions and activities for travel destinations.

Position Description

Software Engineers will handle the planning, development and operation of mobile games and entertainment services.

・Development of server side applications and web APIs using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, memcached
・Client-side development (Unity, cocos2d-x, Objective-C, Java)
・Web front-end development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
・Effect verification, data analysis, function improvement
・Server construction, monitoring/operation, performance tuning
・Research, selection, and improvement of basic technology

* Depending on the individual’s goals and the role within the team, there may be opportunities for project management

[Development Environment/Languages]
・Server-side: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, memcached
・Client-side: C# (Unity), C++ (cocos2d-x), Objective-C, Java
・Web front-end: JavaScript (ES2015, CoffeeScript, React, Redux, Backbone.js, jQuery), HTML5, CSS3
・Amazon Web Services (AWS)
・GitHub, git
・Server OS: Linux
・Development PC: Mac OS X

Ideal Candidate

・Product/Service-level software development experience
・Coding ability (regardless of programming language or years of experience)
・The ability to set goals individually and the tenacity to achieve them
・Willingness and cooperative attitude for work in a team environment
・Flexibility to respond to tasks while acquiring new knowledge in a frequently-changing environment

Japanese: Business Intermediate-level or higher (N2+)

・Ability to develop applications and services by putting the user's feelings first
・Knowledge and experience with programming languages and technology used
・Console game/mobile game development experience, or understanding of game structure
・Strong interest in games and entertainment services
・Experience in agile development and scrum development
・Contribution experience to open source projects
・Strong interest in technology

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