Software Development

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  • Exp. Requirement
    New Graduates/No Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Beginning (N5 ~ N3)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

At this company, employees have the unique opportunity to participate in both the technological and business sides of operation as well as seeing firsthand how the two interact and affect one another. Additionally, there are a multitude of opportunities to use language in a broad variety of settings, and practice Japanese while making use of their native English skills to represent the company going forward globally.

Position Description

Develop and improve applications by generating development plans and following them to completion. While starting out, an engineer from the development team will act as a mentor, providing individual training on in-house developed products and services.

Example tasks include:
• Developing Industrial IoT Data/Control Platforms, or an AI-controlled analysis software
• Supporting a cooperative development project with a corporation located in Silicon Valley

Ideal Candidate

- Major or minor in Computer Science, Engineering or related subjects
- Familiarity with word processing, data management, and presentation software required
- Has the ability to work together with their colleagues to develop applications
- Interest in application development and programming, and has ideas on how to combine the two
- Can work individually, and especially in teams

English: Business Level; Japanese: Basic Level

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