Ryokan Staff

  • Category
  • Exp. Requirement
    New Graduates/No Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Beginning (N5 ~ N3)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

As an older establishment, this Japanese-style hotel focuses on preserving tradition through giving travelers a way to experience a piece of Japanese history. By maintaining the methods of service and style used in Japanese hospitality for centuries, ryokan such as this offer a unique perspective to visitors looking for insights into Japan past the hustle and bustle of daily life. Staff will have the unique chance to practice their Japanese at the crossroads between modern and traditional life. Staff will also have an interesting perspective into both modern and traditional Japanese life while interacting with native speakers on a daily basis.

Position Description

Staff will conduct daily tasks around the hotel while interacting directly with a variety of customers, both Japanese and foreign, and sharing their culture. Ryokan are a staple of traditional culture in Japan, and provide a perfect opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and see what Japan was once like firsthand. This hotel provides relatively broad service packages that are intended to be a holistic travel experience, and as such, the tasks of the staff member could vary greatly despite each of them being grounded firmly in the history of Japan.

Responsibilities in the area of Human Resources and Services included (but not limited to):
+ Interacting / working with customers and support them upon request
+ General hospitality services (reception/guiding/...)
+ Assisting with front and back of house services

Ideal Candidate

This hotel is looking for candidates who are hard working, have great interpersonal skills, and possess a deep interest in sharing foreign culture.

Service Industry
+ Experience serving customers
+ Experience in management

English: Business Level
Japanese: Business Level (Higher N3 and above)

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