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Mobile App Engineer

  • Category
  • Exp. Requirement
    New Graduates/No Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Intermediate/Advanced (N2+)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

This company is a digital creative studio boasting 1,500 engineers, designers, and strategic consultants in and out of Japan. It was born out of the vision to realize Digital Transformation (earnestly evangelized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as the next generation of industrial infrastructure) through comprehensive solutions such as upstream designs, programming and development, and human resources growth. Using the same practical approach cultivated through product development for over 300 companies, the company promotes open innovation as a replacement for old-fashioned ways of thinking, and offers every necessary solution to reach the goal of Digital Transformation.

Position Description

Engineers will be responsible for startup-facing services which provide support to clients for anything from service design to technology selection to development. In addition, engineers will work on the design and development of mobile apps, proofs of concept for major corporations, as well as participate in from-scratch project planning stages.

Prototyping new services to deliver new value
・Selection of services, technologies, and tools to be used
・Purpose-tailored system design through team collaboration
・Agile development
・Service design from an engineer's perspective

Example projects:
・Development of appropriate fertility treatment support services based on data
・Development of a voice call system backend enabling calls for over 100 users
・Development of a sake (i.e., Japanese rice wine) recommendation service based on data and user attributes

Full-time employees at the company are able to work remotely, or according to a flex-time schedule to cater to their personal needs and circumstances. This company values the variety of individual working styles, and encourages employees to lean into their strengths and their respective work styles.

Ideal Candidate

・You're excited to make products making full use of innovative technologies
・You have a strong orientation toward both making strong products and making clients happy
・You love engineering
・You can face business, services and products with a serious attitude
・You can empathize with the company's thoughts and vision
・You want to try new technologies

・Japanese: Business-level (N2) or higher
・Experience in designing and developing apps for smart devices
・Development experience with Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin

・UI/UX design experience for smartphone apps
・Experience as a development leader or project leader
・Release experience on App Store/Google Play Store

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