Cloud Services for Small Business

Front-End Engineer

  • Category
  • Exp. Requirement
    New Graduates/No Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Intermediate/Advanced (N2+)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only

Company Info.

This company was established in 2012 with the mission of enabling people in small businesses to focus on their creativity. Using the power of the cloud, the company develops and provides services that support and streamline personnel, labor, and other small business back office operations, including accounting. As the world evolves, the company aims to provide a platform for small businesses by maximizing the benefits of the cloud, enabling new value and business opportunities that have never before existed.

From planning and technology selection, to development, to release, engineers at the company have the freedom to put their ideas into action. The company has also established an organizational structure that allows rapid iteration and improvement by listening to the voices of actual users and customers, making it even easier to understand the various complexities of the product lineup. Even with these complexities, the company has been able to achieve a daily deployment workflow. Future plans and ideas include products that enable small businesses to focus on creative activities, and development of core technologies, such as automation and optimization algorithms, to bring innovation to business, and much more. The company also values work/life balance, and allows for flexibility with regard to parental leave, work hours, work from home, etc.

Position Description

Participate in the front-end development of fully-automated cloud accounting, personnel, and labor management software. By default, engineers at this company are involved in not only development, but the planning phases as well.

・Product and function planning, design, implementation, test, measurement, improvement
・Development of highly interactive and rich functions
・Development of UI component library that operates at high speed and is easy to use and reusable
・Building and improving the front-end development platform using Babel, webpack, etc.

There are various future plans and ideas for new function planning and development, UX improvement, new product planning and development, etc.

【Development Tools】
Web (Serverside): Ruby on Rails, Go
Web (Front-end): React, Redux, Babel, webpack, Flow, Storybook
Database: MySQL, Redis
Infra.: AWS (ELB, EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, ElastiCache, Redshift, ...), Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCI, Fluentd, Ansible, HashiCorp Tools, Elasticsearch + Kibana, Google BigQuery, Embulk
Dev. Environment: Vagrant, Docker
Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Firebase (Analytics, Notifications, Remote Config), Bitrise, fastlane, RxSwift, RxJava
Desktop Client: Xamarin, WPF
Biz Platforms: Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, Marketo, Pardot, Zendesk, Zuora
AI Labs: Python 3, R, Jupyter Notebook, Zotero, Re:dash, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn
Repository Management: GitHub
CI: CircleCI
Auto. Testing: Selenium WebDriver, Appium
Server Monitoring: Mackerel
Error Monitoring: NewRelic, Bugsnag
Internal Comm.: Qiita:Team, Slack, JIRA, WorkPlace by Facebook

Ideal Candidate

・Japanese: Business-level (N2) or higher
・An interest in creating value and changing the world together through product development
・Excellent skills or experience in front-end and/or web application development
・A deep knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML
・An interest in tools used, such as React, Flux(Redux), Flow, and the ability to see ways to improve current processes

(During hiring, a strong emphasis is placed on motivation; it is not required to have a full understanding of/experience with the above tools/processes.)

【Welcomed Skills/Experience】
・Experience designing and developing front-end framework using React, flux, etc.
・Deep knowledge of web performance (rendering, browser engine, etc.)
・Responsive design knowledge and experience
・SPA (Single Page Application) knowledge and experience
・Reactive programming knowledge/experience
・Knowledge and experience in front-end builds using Babel, webpack, etc.
・Detail-oriented with areas such as front-end and back-end connections, and data binding (for example, interest in WebAPI formats or protocols such as RPC)

【Other Welcomed Characteristics】
・You have a desire to quickly create and deliver valuable products
・You dislike slow and difficult-to-use applications
・You find enjoyment in benchmarking, perfomance debugging, etc.
・You find yourself regularly automating tedious, repetitive tasks
・You question the systems that already exist in the world
・You have a strong appreciation for good UX/UI design
・You are always looking to try something new

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