Telecom / B2B Services

Business/In-House Legal Associate

  • Category
  • Exp. Requirement
    New Graduates/No Experience Required
  • Japanese Requirement
    Beginning (N5 ~ N3)
  • Location
  • Overseas Applications OK
  • Domestic (Japan) Applications Only
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Company Info.

This company aggressively challenges industries in which other companies might hesitate, creating services that will please many people. There are many cases where a small market has grown dramatically, and the traditional industrial structure has changed. As a social mission, the company will continue to boldly challenge to create a new value worldwide by opening doors through the walls that are preventing people from living in a truly prosperous society.

・Network service for local and overseas telecom companies
・International calling service for foreign residents

Human training and dispatch
・Dispatch of caregivers

・Editing and printing of TV program guide
・Tagalog newspaper and advertisements
・Planning and operating of events for recruiters

Position Description

Associates will aid in the support and development of the business and legal departments. Tasks may include and are not limited to:
1/ Assistance with creation and review of contracts
2/ Assistance with creation of documents to be submitted to government agencies
3/ Assistance with creation of internal materials (including for affiliated companies)
4/ Assistance in translation of the above documents (Japanese-English / English-Japanese)
5/ Communications with international branches/affiliate companies (great way to build your networks)
6/ Occasional copying, filing, scanning etc. of documents
7/ Other support work related to Business/Legal Affairs

Ideal Candidate

1/ Interested in business (telecommunications, human resources, corporations, etc.) and/or legal affairs
2/ Can grasp and adapt to new concepts quickly
3/ Can use Microsoft Office Word and Excel to create or review documents
4/ Flexibility with regard to responsibilities/assigned tasks, such as supporting outside sections with document preparation

Japanese: Around Upper-N3 or higher
English: Upper business-level or higher

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Please note that all positions are subject to availability.
Respective company names will be provided to applicants when a match has been made.

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