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Company Info

TELEXISTENCE Inc. was founded in 2017 to design, manufacture, and operate robots in anywhere we see an opportunity of pushing the fundamental state of art forward.

“TELEXISTENCE” is a concept that was first proposed in 1980 by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo and the chairman of TELEXISTENCE Inc., which refers to the notion of human beings in effect being in a place other than where he or she actually exists and being able to act freely in that remote environment – essentially expanding the presence of human beings – as well as the technological systems that make this possible.

To stay lean and agile, TELEXISTENCE Inc. is a group of people believing in five key principles: Systematic Innovator of Scale, Freedom & Responsibility, Move Fast Deliver First, Begin with the End, Interdependence.

Job Description

As a frontend software engineer, you will work on the software development of our robot operation platform. You will work on 3 major components in our system: 1. Operation management system (Web app to manage the robot operation), 2. Robot GUI (local webserver running in the robot), 3. Cockpit (VR User interface) GUI.

1. Gather and analyze requirements of our GUI and design software to meet the requirements.
2. Implement GUI of the robot management system
3. Implement VR UI of robot operating system
4. Continuously test & improve the software to achieve better UI/UX

Ideal Candidate

This position needs professional experiences of GUI design on web site and Unity (Game engine).

1. Professional Skill of web-frontend software (JavaScript/ HTML/CSS)
2. Professional Skill of Unity, C# (better to have VR development experience, but not mandatory)
3. Experience of software development on Linux and Windows OS
4. Experience to develop an app with GUI with considering UI/UX for B2B application
5. Languages: English, Japanese

・ Must reside in Japan


TBD upon offer

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