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Company Info

Founded in 1988, Holon System Co., Ltd. prides itself on:

◆ 20+ continuous years of profitable management
◆ 12.6 hours of average monthly overtime
◆ Multiple upstream projects
◆ A corporate culture which values ​​people
The corporate culture at Holon System Co., Ltd. values ​​relationships between people, encouraging frequent socializing between employees. On holidays, employees plan sports competitions and barbecues, and can also spend time away from work by enjoying welcome parties and company retreats planned cooperatively by the younger employees. Because employees can be friendly with their senpai and bosses, it’s easier to express their opinions and work efficiently. Employees are able to have a meaningful impact on the company, regardless of seniority or age. The company also provides on- and off-the-job training, a mentor system, subsequent biennial training, and an environment where each person can play an active role.
◆ A transparent evaluation system
A clear job definition is provided, and growth and skills are pointed out through a one-on-one evaluation between the employee and their manager, which can result in pay and bonus adjustments.
◆ Investments in cutting-edge technology
The largest advancements in the IT world are in AI, Big Data, and Security. Holon have established a business development office for the research and development of these cutting-edge technologies since 2014. By 2020, Holon aims to establish new businesses in these cutting-edge areas.

Job Description

System Engineers will be mainly responsible for system design, development, and operation processes. Holon has a long history of providing solutions for various projects, so engineers can thrive and gain experience in a dependable environment.

The company mission is to pursue collaborative growth and support enterprise management using IT, with a focus on large-scale manufacturers such as automotive makers. Having many years of achievement under its belt, Holon places much confidence in the foundation it’s built to pursue business initiatives. As these initiatives are a matter of looking into the future, reconstructing key systems for the next generation, they involve not only post-development maintenance support, but also proposing innovative themes for development in line with medium-term business plans.

Ideal Candidate

Experience in web development (regardless of language/years of experience)
University degree in a related field
Business-level or higher (N2+) Japanese

[Development Technologies] Java, VB.NET, C ++, C#, PL/SQL, Oracle, etc.


SALARY: Starting from 4 to 6.5 million yen, yearly
(To be decided based on work experience/interview)

WORK HOURS: 9:00 ~ 17:30 (1-hour break)

DAYS OFF: Weekends, national holidays, summer/winter vacation, yearly paid vacation, bereavement, special leave, childcare leave, paternal leave, etc.

OTHER BENEFITS: Yearly pay raise, twice-yearly bonus, social insurance, administrative allowance, position allowance, regional allowance, family aid, parental aid, housing aid (Tokyo only), commute allowance, overtime pay, qualification incentives, childcare leave, nursing leave, retirement, pension, subsidized social gatherings, bereavement aid, free use of bouldering gym

WORK CULTURE: When asked what makes Holon unique, most employees say it’s their "good friends" and "good relationships." The secret is the mentoring system all employees join after entering the company. Young employees will serve as a mentor and be by the side of every new employee. Through mutual understanding, employees can get along well and get rid of any worries and anxieties. In addition, if an employee is having a hard time or fails a task, it is normal for coworkers to call out to them to encourage or support them. There is also an organization that manages in-house events called "Waeikai" where employees participate in events such as athletic bouldering meets and other sports competitions, and barbecues at least once every two months. Employees can participate in any events they like. Holon continues to build relationships of trust with clients by always considering what is best for them, and responding politely. Everyone adds "san" to each others’ names, regardless of hierarchy or rank, making it very easy to talk to one another, including the company president and executives. Holon constantly reviews the optimization of work volume. The average overtime hours and turnover rate are lower than the industry average, at 13 hours/month, and 8%, respectively.

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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