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Site Reliability Engineer: Supply Chain Management Services

ERP Software Solutions
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Company Info

Works Applications Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, sales, and support of proprietary ERP package software HUE and HUE Classic for large-scale corporations, with three main goals in mind:

・ Increase corporate productivity and contribute to the expansion of corporate value

・ Change the concept of working and transform work into more creative activities

・ Provide a place for critical workers to play an active role

In the 1990s, until the debut of COMPANY (the predecessor to HUE), it was said that it was impossible to create an ERP package that corresponds to the detailed and complicated business customs of major Japanese companies. Major Japanese companies have no choice but to make enormous investments into custom systems or to customize overseas ERP packages. It’s estimated that this has resulted in the efficiency of Japan’s information systems being 10 years slower than that of the United States. If nothing is done, Japanese companies will grow weaker, and their international competitiveness will continue to decline. In order to dramatically reduce the actual investment cost into IT, it is essential to commercialize an ERP package that can be used by major Japanese companies without compromise. It is the mission of Works Applications to take on this challenge.

Job Description

Site Reliability Engineers in the Supply Chain Management Service section are asked to solve difficult problems in the construction and operation of cloud systems and services for massive companies. Engineers focus on the construction and operation of the infrastructure, and commit to improving performance while maintaining stable operation. In particular, an SRE takes the lead in efforts to continuously improve system availability, reliability, and maintainability.

[About the Job]
・ Gain a lot of experience in creative thinking and problem solving using individual technologies for product development issues.
・ Operate SCM systems for major domestic companies. This is a very high-pressure environment, but it’s rewarded with the ability to grow and gain experience and achievements to be very proud of.
・ Enjoy the rewarding feeling of being integral to the foundation upon which client businesses operate, and take pride in having self-developed functionalities used by major clients.
・ Work in a diverse environment with the many foreign employees in the domestic development department, as well as through collaboration with overseas development bases.

Ideal Candidate

・ Experience in operating servers
・ Logical thinking ability
・ Highly motivated and eager to invest oneself
・ Ability to execute no matter the circumstances
・ Ability to take on challenges with a sense of speed
・ Can communicate with clients in Japanese (Business-level or higher - about N2+)
・ English (Business-level or higher)
・ Must reside in Japan

・ Operation experience with Ubuntu
・ Experience building a system using Jenkins
・ Experience using AWS
・ Experience developing with programming languages ​​such as Java / Python
・ Experience monitoring systems using Zabbix, Prometheus
・ Experience building visualization systems using Grafana, etc.
・ Experience building systems using Ansible, etc.
・ Experience developing or monitoring with MySQL System

Those with following will be able to play an active role more immediately:
・ Experience with Information Security Committee member organization
・ Experience in troubleshooting Java / Tomcat Web applications
・ Experience in operation of MySQL or AuroraMysql
・ Experience in monitoring operation using Prometheus and Zabbix
・ Experience in operation of Ubuntu server
・ Experience with SaaS cloud model service(s)


SALARY: Estimated starting from 5 to 6 million yen, yearly
Includes twice-yearly bonuses, and twice-yearly pay-raise opportunities
(To be decided based on work experience/interview/etc.)

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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