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Company Info

Degica is a payments and game focused company. We are best known for publishing the RPG Maker franchise and various shooting games, but we also have also had a thriving payments platform that both small and large companies are utilizing for payments in Japan and Korea.

Job Description

Engineering Philosophy

At Degica we believe in a flat, inclusive engineering culture that is constantly evaluating itself. We believe that each team member brings something unique to the team and that the way we develop is ever evolving as we continue to grow. We’re largely a self-organizing engineering culture, which means engineers have both stake and ownership in what they work on at Degica. Engineers play to their strengths but are also able to invest in areas where they want to grow within the team.

As we begin to expand our user base, we encounter challenges of scale, adopting new architectures, and refactorings that pay dividends in the long run. We are heavily invested in the stability of our platform, but also the health of our codebase. If this sounds like you and would like to join a team of skilled, dedicated engineers who all contribute to the direction of the product — let’s talk!

・ Understand product goals and feature requests and translate them into working software
・ Support team members through code review and architecture discussions
・ Write tests that validate the stability and correctness of implementations
・ Handle refactorings with both bravery and care

Ideal Candidate

・ Strong software engineering skills
・ Experience with at least one major web framework ( Rails, Django, etc. )
・ Experience writing automated tests
・ Able to write idiomatic Javascript / CSS
・ Self-motivated, and can contribute without much supervision
・ Experience working with git and version control
・ Experience with relational databases such as MySQL or Postgres


TBD upon offer

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