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Digital Identity continues to provide the latest marketing strategies using know-how and technology gained through SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In response to client marketing issues, they provide optimal digital solutions while making full use of all marketing methods such as listing advertising, social advertising, DSP, SEO, creative production, data analysis, and site improvement. The most important of all is the “identity design,” an original method of designing optimal communication after analyzing the interests, psychological conditions and behavioral characteristics of each consumer using the Internet. In addition to demographic data such as age and gender, Digital Identity analyzes user data to determine information such as their interests and how frequently and in what ways their needs are manifested. These analyses clarify the touch points of communication between companies and consumers in order to provide optimal solutions.

Job Description

Tasks will vary, but will generally align with the work of any of the the four following divisions:

Consulting Division: Propose digital marketing strategies and solve customer issues. There are a wide variety of marketing measures to propose, such as advertising, SEO measures, creative, social media, and video.

Ad Strategy Division: Maximize clients' return on investment by realizing optimal planning from a variety of advertising methods, including listing ads, display ads, social ads, and feed ads.

SEO Division: Analyze the websites of clients and competitors, and consult regarding how to create a site that takes advantage of the algorithm of the Google search engine. Content and media development included.

Marketing Division: Provide all kinds of solutions such as overall design of client's customer journey, data analysis using statistics and various tools, in-house product development, CRM and marketing automation.

Ideal Candidate

Candidates should have a strong interest in marketing and business.

Languages: English (Native); Japanese (About N2 or higher)


TBD upon offer.

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