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Software, Consulting
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Company Info

Established in 2007, glucose inc. builds prototypes and provides web, social media, and mobile application solutions for member companies certified as “Super Creators” by the government’s Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) as part of their “Unexplored Software Creation Business” efforts. Glucose independently conducts research and development of next-generation web technologies and provides solutions to clients based on the results. Clients include overseas automobile manufacturers, major publishers, and other famous companies. In addition, as a self-developed business, glucose disseminates self-branded web service applications. Business contents can be divided into three main categories:

1. Software research and development
2. Consulting on web information services
3. Consulting on in-house knowledge management

Job Description

Glucose develops social apps and web services 100% in-house using the agile method.
・Web service front-end development (HTML5/CSS3, Rich UI development using JavaScript)
・Web service back-end development (efficient framework construction using database and NoSQL)
・iOS application development
・Android application development

・Languages used: Python3, TypeScript, Go, Objective-C, Swift, Javascript

◆ Project examples
・National Clients: A new community service for web-based market research based on common models used in the United States which are not yet commonly found within Japan
・Technology Development for Web Media: With the wide reach of smartphones and tablets, readers are gradually shifting from paper media to electronic media, and the number of projects for launching web media is growing.

◆ Work culture
・The company president says, "I want to create an environment where engineers can relax and concentrate on development!,” and makes it a point to be available to all company employees, making it easier to share ideas and voice opinions in a positive manner.
・In addition to developing glucose’s own services, the company is also entrusted with external contracts, but only undertakes those that truly inspire the team.
・Working alongside self-motivated engineers, including designated Super Creators and the Director of Associate Professors of the National Institute of Informatics.
・Working in a small group of top-tier talent, any project is manageable.

Ideal Candidate

・Experience making things using Python, Ruby, C ++, and/or Java (even if it’s self-published iOS apps)
・Business-level or higher Japanese (About N2+)

・You want to live, sleep, and breathe OSS
・You want to efficiently create apps for smart devices
・You’ve had enough of social games
・You are always on top of new technologies and trends
・You aren’t resistant to code reviews
・You are or want to be a Git master
・You thrive when using Agile methodology
・You care about the people you work with


SALARY: Starting from 3.6 to 6 million yen, yearly
(To be decided based on work experience/interview)

WORK HOURS: Flex system (Core time 12:00 ~ 16:00; Standard hours 10:30 ~ 19:30)

DAYS OFF: 120 days or more - Weekends, national holidays, New Year holiday, summer vacation, paid vacation

OTHER BENEFITS: Yearly pay raise, yearly bonus in March (performance-based), full social insurance, overtime pay, housing aid (conditions apply), commute allowance (up to 30,000 yen a month), dev environment allowance (up to 10,000 yen a month), free drink service

SELECTION PROCESS: A coding test may be required.

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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