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Company Info

・Purpose: To make a society where users and creators can have fun while living a fulfilling life

・Mission: To bring joy to anime, manga, game, etc. lovers around the world

Take on even more challenges in order to share anime, manga, games, etc. throughout the world

【The Goals of EISYS, Inc.】
・Deliver the passion and joy of creators to the world, through the internet.
The strongest driving force behind the services EISYS provides are the countless works made from the brimming imaginations of the creators on their platforms. EISYS pledges to deliver top-tier services to Japan and the rest of the world while preserving the dignity of these works, and never treating them as mere commodities.

・Protect and preserve 2D content industries.
It is the social mission of EISYS to provide internet services which are truly valuable to 2D content industries and society, by keeping loyal to the company mission and vision, and without imitating others.

・Consistently provide services that exceed customer expectations.
EISYS deeply values the emotion and surprise that can be provided to those who use the company's services. EISYS is committed to always providing utmost quality services in order to exceed the expectations of their customers, and will work to overcome any challenges along the way.

Job Description

Acting as an overseas sales representative, you will be responsible for promoting global expansion of company services.

1. The Customers:
・Creators working overseas, and overseas license holders of various anime, manga, games, etc.

2. About the Service:
「DLsite」 https://www.dlsite.com/index.html  DLsite is one of the largest, comprehensive download sites for 2D content in Japan, with an overwhelmingly large userbase and impressive management history. Over 590,000 works have been uploaded in a wide variety of genres.

【Your Responsibilities】
Work to expand available content for sale on DLsite
・Establish agreements with overseas creators
・Work with licensors to acquire rights for overseas content
・(You will not be limited to working from the existing contact list.)

As the number of overseas users on the platform continues to grow, the mission for DLsite is to act as a bridge between Japan and overseas as a 2D content platform.

Training will be provided after being hired to teach you about the company, your teammates, and more.

Ideal Candidate

1. Knowledge of international independent content/media culture (self-published games, manga, voice acting, etc.)
2. Strong critical thinking skills
3. Business-level English or higher (About TOEIC 750 - certification not required)
4. Business-level Japanese (About JLPT N2/N1 - certification not required)
5. Sales experience with Japanese companies/in Japanese language
6. Must have proper permission to work in Japan (Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services working visa, or other applicable residency status)

・You have a deep knowledge of indie media
・You play PC games often
・You know everything there is to know about overseas nerd culture
・You love talking with people
・You have sales or other business experience


TBD upon offer.

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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