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Construction Projects
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Company Info

Hitachi Construction engages in a variety of civil engineering projects, ranging from paving and road surface cutting on roads and bridges, construction and maintenance work, and development projects such as building schools, hospitals, and general housing. The company is also engaged in a wide range of businesses, including the recycling of waste materials, and disaster prevention projects such as disaster prevention support houses, contributing to the development of local communities and the creation of a comfortable hometown.

Particularly in paving work, the company boasts a top-class track record and reputation in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Because of the company's technical capabilities, they have been called upon across the country to perform paving work that requires advanced technology.

Hitachi Construction celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. Since the company was founded over 100 years ago, it began with the clearing of arable land and the reconstruction of irrigation channels and reservoirs for daily life, and continued with the construction of numerous roads and buildings in various parts of Yamaguchi Prefecture, building infrastructure essential to the lives of local residents. During this time, wars and large-scale natural disasters caused tremendous damage, but the entire company worked together to restore the affected areas on the front lines and grew by earning the trust of the local people. In 1948, the company name was changed to Hitachi Construction Co., Ltd. to represent its goal to “rebuild war-torn Japan into a livable homeland,” through the company name as written in Japanese. The company continues to build new structures as well as repair and maintain existing equipment and facilities, hoping that these works will help to revitalize the region and make the local residents happy, and improving their lives.

Job Description

Spearheading the digital transformation of the company, you will be in charge of introducing and supporting PC and IT tools. Example responsibilities:
・ Internal network and server management and operation
・ Introduction and operation support of business-related IT tools
・ Website management and operation
・ Planning and proposing the introduction of IT tools
・ Help desk

Ideal Candidate

・ University or graduate degree (Second degrees are also welcome)
・ High level of IT literacy (familiar with networking and IT tools)
・ Self-starter
・ Japanese language proficiency (equivalent to N2; proficiency to enable daily conversation and provide instruction within the company)
・ Able to communicate proactively

・ Must currently reside in Japan


SALARY: Starting from 3.5 million yen, yearly
(To be decided based on work experience/interview)

WORK HOURS: 08:15 ~ 17:00

DAYS OFF: Weekends, national holidays, summer and winter breaks, other special leave

OTHER BENEFITS: Yearly pay raise (July), commute allowance (for long distances only), retirement plan (after 3 years of employment), certification aid, family aid, housing aid (11,000 yen/month), managerial aid (3,500 yen/month), other aid (up to 20,000 yen as needed), fully-furnished company housing for single employees, company-run daycare

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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