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Company Info

Pocket Change is a Tech Startup located in Tokyo. Our main business is operating kiosks located in airports and other metropolitan areas. The technology allows the kiosk to instantly exchange bills and coins of various currencies into electronic money, vouchers, or charitable donations to be used in your country of choice.

Say goodbye to the change in your pocket, and hello to Pocket Change! We help travelers coming to Japan, and Japanese travelers going abroad put their leftover currency to good use. Simple, secure, and fast.

The Pocket Change team consists of 30 members, of which many are experienced developers. The members develop, operate, and maintain approximately 70 pocket change kiosks nationwide. The culture and working environment of the company itself are startup-like.

Recently, we have released an electronic currently platform called "PokePay", taking advantage of our experience in handling both cash and electronic money. (https://pay.pocket-change.jp/)

PokePay is an easy, open platform where anyone can issue their own original e-money or rewards system for free. The issued money can be exchanged with each other in the application, or can be exchanged for existing electronic money gift coupons. All done quickly, easily, and securely on your users'/customers' smartphones. Easily scalable to be used by individuals, stores, or regions.

At present, the company is still in its early stage, so each member's opinion and work is considered to be the power to further expand the company. We look for people who want to hack the real world and innovate society.

Join us, be yourself, and build the future together!

Job Description

General SRE work, including CI/CD environment construction and operation monitoring for "pokepay" service.
・ Using Github and AWS, ensure that the system is running optimally.
・ System design for the stability and security required of a payment service.
・ Automatically scale the system to the required level, even under high load.
・ Data visualization for everything from fault and anomaly detection to business KPI design.

Technology stack:
AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Twilio, GitHub, Slack, Ubuntu Linux, nginx, openssl, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Fluentd, Terraform, Prometheus, Redash, Scrum Master

We are a small organization, so we are always thinking about how to improve our service, not only in development but also in discussions with other teams such as sales. There are no barriers between work areas, and you will have a wide range of discretion. Your work can range from writing the code for the application to the designing of actual operations. With a hardware development team right next door, members of various nationalities, and OSS contributors, it's a diverse and very stimulating environment.

Ideal Candidate

Seeking candidates experienced in SRE work for web services in a cloud environment such as AWS.

・ Can develop a program that checks the expiration date of an SSL certificate and sends an email when it is one month before the expiration date.
・ Can write a script to generate statistics on average processing time per URL from access logs.
・ Can generate an SSL self-certificate, set it up in Nginx, and be able to access it from a browser without errors.
・ Can use Packer to implement a custom AMI for launch-on-startup with Nginx from the base AMI of Ubuntu.
・ Can set timezone to JST on Ubuntu and implement chrony-based time synchronization settings using configuration management tools (chef/ansible, etc.).
・ Can implement python/ruby scripts to create tickets in project management services (Jira/GitHub issue etc.).
・ Intermediate Japanese proficiency (about N3+)

・ Able to analyze system performance, investigate bottlenecks, and propose improvements to developers.
・ Experienced in SRE including hardware such as signage and kiosk terminals.
・ Able to build a system to monitor and notify OS performance metrics of own PC using docker container.
・ Can implement infrastructure test code using testinfra to check the configuration/startup status of middleware install/config.
・ Able to facilitate cross-team internal projects such as service planning and maintenance.


TBD upon offer

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