LanCul Co., Ltd.

English Facilitator

Culture / Lang. Service
JCP Verified
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Company Info

LanCul's purpose is to open people’s minds to the rich diversity in language and culture. We aim to become a part of the community by way of shared values and mutual respect and to promote diversity and openness. By questioning the status quo and constantly pursuing our values we will continue to grow and become a much-loved brand. In order to achieve this, we work passionately and act with honesty and sincerity. We cherish our relationship with every members and mates to be connected beyond their language and culture barrier.

Our purpose is to cherish the relationships with our members, to help them open their minds to the possibilities of life and to share stories as we grow together. We create real connections. LanCul is a safe space where everyone can express themselves through language and cultural exchange. This is a place where our Mates and members can build bonds to last a lifetime.

Job Description

Do you love music? Photography? Travel? Fitness? Games? Video? Whatever your passion, bring it. Because sharing what you love through LanCul services sparks others to pursue their own passions. And that’s why we’re continuously reinventing the LanCul experience: to open up all kinds of potential for our members — and you.

LanCul has a wide age range of members and mates are expected to be flexible to everyone. The Mate will provide a platform for the members to share their experiences by facilitating a group conversation. Our Mates’ main duties would be leading conversations between small groups.

Ideal Candidate

We are more interested in your communication skills rather than teaching qualifications, so those lacking experience are welcome to apply.
(Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from temporary visitor, instructor or professor visa holders.)


Working hours: A minimum of 16 hours or 4 shifts per week

Remuneration: A starting pay of ¥1,020~/hour + monthly incentives* + transportation reimbursement of up to ¥10,000/month
(*Mates are given an incentive (5-10k) added on top of their month’s pay based on the number of shifts that they’ve successfully been assigned to at the beginning of every scheduling cycle.)

Probation: 3 months (the same remuneration)

Shifts: 2-6PM, 3-6PM, 6-9PM, 7-10PM

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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