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Company Info

Our mission
News should be for everyone. But not when it’s buried under cat videos—or when your internet is spotty—or when it’s in a filter bubble. That’s why we created SmartNews. Our mission is "delivering the world's quality information to the people who need it."

Our Values
All of our employees believe in the following three SmartNews Core Values:

1. For the Common Good
2. Be the Owner
3. Have Appreciation

We believe in technology
How do you deliver the world’s most important information to the people who need it automatically, in real-time? How do you determine what makes a quality story or what people want to read? This is a problem both on a planetary and individual scale, and requires many different disciplines to solve.

Job Description

SmartNews is growing rapidly, providing various opportunities to use data science. Decision-making based on scientific analysis accelerates product and business growth with learning and improvement through trial and error cycle processes. Data science plays an important role in improving user satisfaction and giving value to business stakeholders like publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, etc.

We are seeking Data Scientists who have a proactive mind in any environment and the skills necessary to deliver impactful, actionable insights to products and overall business.

・ Analyze data for one or more of the following areas: ad product development, ad sales, marketing, mobile app UI/UX, news/video content, other product analyses
・ Proactively ideate analysis projects and prioritize them
・ Report data insights and predictions via visualizations and dashboards as well as written and verbal communication
・ Work closely with product managers, engineers, etc. to ensure that data insights are actually translated into concrete product improvements or actions
・ Help determine the overall data strategy (potentially with help from data engineers and product managers)

Ideal Candidate

Minimum Qualifications
・ Technical university degree or equivalent knowledge
・ 3 years of analytical work experience
・ Experience with SQL and either R or Python
・ Advanced knowledge of applied statistics (hypothesis testing, building predictive models, causal inference, etc.)
・ Analytical work experience related to apps, web service, or ads
・ Strong communication, logical thinking, and enthusiasm for new challenges
・ Business-level English and Japanese
・ Resident of Japan

Preferred Qualifications
・ Experience managing/mentoring other data scientists
・ Understanding of machine learning
・ Basic understanding of data engineering tasks (e.g. data warehousing, model deployment, using data workflow tools like Azkaban or Airflow)
・ Experience with big data (Hive, Spark, Presto, etc.) and SQL performance tuning
・ Experience with Linux command line


TBD upon offer

Benefits and Perks
・ SmartKitchen - Healthy lunch on a daily basis for free
・ ChikyuCoffee - Delicious coffee provided by our Barista every day
・ Event space - Free use for any kind of meet up
・ Foreign language class tuition support
・ Various social insurance benefits included
・ Transportation coverage (Maximum 50,000 yen)

※ Any JCP Estimate reflects only what we believe to be a minimum reasonable expectation for this role's salary, and is not actual salary information for this position.

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