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Company Info

Started as the first independent software company in Japan, CAC continues to this day to enhance and refine the latest technologies. Through building highly-optimized systems, the company has accumulated a wealth of business knowledge in many fields, including finance and medicine. With a philosophy of creating new value to the world with advanced information and communications technologies, CAC is expanding its global reach in many ways, such as being the first Japanese software company to expand its capital overseas. By utilizing technology, knowledge, experience, and group networks, CAC aims to globally provide valuable solutions that contribute to innovation in various areas of society and business.

Provided Services
◎ System Assembly ・ Total construction of corporate information systems, from information system planning to design, development, testing, installation, and maintenance.
◎ System Management ・ Total functionality for system operation, such as operation process management, business operation, user support, client device management, application operation, and infrastructure operation.
◎ Business Process Outsourcing ・ Undertaking of business processes (such as personnel operations) on behalf of the company, using IT.

Job Description

Business Operations System Engineers support the end-users (business personnel) and the development and operation of business systems, all on behalf of the respective client’s information systems department. Clients include companies in industries such as finance, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Projects to be assigned will be decided based on aptitude. Teams consist of 3-10+ members each.

[Dev Languages/Environment]
・ Red Hat, CentOS, Windows Server
・ AWS / Azure
・ Oracle, SQL Server
・ Apache, Tomcat, IIS
・ Job management tools
・ Monitoring tools (Zabbix etc.)
・ EAI / ETL tools (Asteria / PowerCenter)
・ K shell, bash shell, bat, PowerShell, etc.

[Job/Company Traits]
・ CAC works directly with clients for 90% of projects, and there are many opportunities to collaborate equally with clients to carry out development.
・ Engineers can improve their skills through the education system and technology cluster activities.

Ideal Candidate

・ 2 or more years of business system operations experience (regardless of industry)
・ An interest in technology
・ Ability to set goals
・ Ability to learn and master, and high motivation for self-growth
・ High cooperation and communication skills, can coordinate operations from client perspective
・ Can promote proper technologies as assets based on knowledge of service processes and results
・ Fluent in Japanese (Approx. N1)

・ Experience in operational design for operational projects. (Experience in RPA, cloud, etc. is a plus)
・ Qualifications such as ITIL Foundation / Basic Information Processing / Oracle and Microsoft Certifications
・ Development and operation experience with:  Windows, Hyper-V, Active Directory, LDAP / RADIUS, VMware NSX


SALARY: Starting from 3.5 to 5.5 million yen, yearly
(225 ~ 370,000 yen, monthly, plus yearly raise)
(To be decided based on work experience/interview)

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