Livesense Inc.

Internet Media Ops.
11 - 100 Employees
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Livesense Inc.

Internet Media Ops.
11 - 100 Employees
JCP Verified
Livesense Inc.

▼ About Livesense

"Happiness Begetting Happiness," and "Invent the next common."
Livesense is working every day to realize this philosophy and vision.

These goals are highly abstract and may be difficult to visualize.
However, our goal is to use the power of web services to eliminate disadvantages, disparities, inefficiencies, and other irrationalities in people's lives, regardless of industry.

Working from the inside out, we approach a wide range of targets within lifestyles as a whole, regardless of industry, with these abstract expressions in mind.

▼ Why do we do it?

- Because we are particular about "what we do" and "what we don't do."
What do we want to achieve through our services?
We want to work with people who can look beyond just creating.
"Growth" is a process necessary to realize our goals, not a goal in and of itself.
We have many employees who are particular about what they do with their abilities, and what they don't do, for what they need to achieve.

- Because it's imperative for a job title-transcending service.
This is a company where the framework of job titles is loose, in a good sense.
This is because the focus is not on one's own role, but on the goals to be achieved by the service as described above.
In order to create services that are truly useful to users, we want people to naturally work beyond their own job title whenever it makes sense to do so.
For this reason, there are many employees who work in a way that is not bound by their job titles, such as an engineer who takes on the role of a director, or a salesperson who is proficient in SQL language.

▼ What kind of colleagues work here?

There are many talented people from major web service companies who have moved to our company.
They are all people who think, "I want to use my skills and experience for the benefit of the world."
As a company, we are thinking about how to draw out their abilities and create synergy by combining their diverse skills.

The most important aspect of creating a culture is a "learning culture."
The "learning culture" is so ingrained in our company that each engineer plans and presides over his or her own study group on learning themes that they feel are necessary.
For example, famous engineers from major IT companies are invited as lecturers, and designers plan study sessions to learn by watching movies.
We are always keeping our antennae alert for answers to the question, "What's the next 'natural' step?"

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