6 Reasons to Complete Your JCP Candidate Profile

Learn about why Candidate Profiles can make it even easier for eager candidates like you to take advantage of our free services.

Our mission at the Japan Careers Program is to make job hunting in Japan more accessible and to help Japan thrive as a diverse and globalized society. We are thrilled to share a new aspect of our program that we hope will make it even easier for eager candidates like you to take advantage of our free services: Candidate Profiles.

As of January 2021, anyone who visits our site can register for free to view all of the available job listings. In order to take full advantage of our services, however, you should fill out a Candidate Profile, which will ask you about your work and education history, as well as your career goals. Here are six ways you can benefit from filling out a Candidate Profile today:

1. You can apply to any of the JCP Verified positions on our site

If you log in to our website and take a look at any of the positions, you’ll notice that many of them bear a blue badge that says “JCP Verified.” These opportunities come from companies we have verified, and we trust and work with directly. Our team handpicks the positions shown on our website to showcase the variety available in our full, internal job database of positions from JCP Verified companies. When you apply to any of these positions, as long as you have your Candidate Profile completed, we can use that information to determine if you are a match for the respective position.

2. One-click applications for JCP Verified posts

You may have figured it out already, but there’s a key feature tied into our Candidate Profile system: one-click applications. Once you have your Candidate Profile filled out, your applications for each and every one of our JCP Verified and database positions are already prepared. All you have to do after filling out the Profile is simply click the “Apply Now” button on a position you’re interested in and leave the rest to us. If we can determine that a position is a positive match, we’ll follow up and set up the next steps, which usually include a casual video interview with us (to make sure we have a complete understanding of your experience and goals), a video call with us to go over the position and subsequent process in detail, and assuming all things proceed smoothly, an interview with the hiring company!

Enjoy your job hunt, knowing JCP has your back.

3. Your pool of opportunities will grow even bigger

As mentioned, the JCP Verified positions listed on our website are just a sample of our full database. After completing your Candidate Profile, our team will start a matching process to find every possible opportunity in our database for which you may be eligible, including those not listed on our website. If you’ve applied to any of the positions which are listed, however, that will help us get an even better idea of your particular goals and interests, helping us find you the perfect match.

4. Get free advice and support for job hunting in Japan

With your Candidate Profile completed, if you apply or we match you to any of our JCP Verified positions, you will automatically be eligible for support and advice related to your job hunt in Japan. We can help guide you through the entire process, from application to accepting a job offer. And remember, all of our services are free to candidates! We will even review your resume or conduct practice interviews for you upon request.

5. Get free advice and support for moving to Japan

Our support doesn’t stop there, however. For candidates who have accepted a JCP Verified position after completing their Candidate Profile, we will continue to provide guidance and advice related to visa paperwork (where applicable), finding housing, and more.

6. Get free advice and support for living in Japan

Even once you move to Japan and start your job, we’ll still be there for you. Any candidate who has accepted a JCP Verified position using their Candidate Profile can contact us for assistance with understanding bank accounts, mobile service providers, paying utilities, and much more. And although we hope that the position you end up with will provide you with plenty of satisfaction and help you reach your full potential, we understand that career plans can sometimes change. If you ever need to find another job down the road, we’ll still be here for you.

With all of these reasons to register for our website and fill out a Candidate Profile, we hope we can provide you with a low-stress, meaningful job searching experience. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you, so don’t miss out!

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