Introducing the JCP Community Forum

Read about our brand new community forum!

We at the Japan Careers Program are thrilled to share our newest resource for everyone interested in living and working in Japan: the Japan Careers Program Community Forum. Available from June 9th, 2021, the JCP Community Forum is open to anyone with an interest in Japan, especially those who are hoping to or currently live or work in Japan. Community members can use the forum to ask questions, share resources of their own, and meet new people from around the world who have a shared interest in Japan and everything it has to offer!

The JCP Community Forum will start out with categories for Travel, Living in Japan, Language, and Job Hunting, and will continue to grow and adapt with the needs and demands of the community. Forum accounts are managed completely separate from your JCP Candidate Profile to protect your privacy, and participation in the community forum has no effect on your candidacy for our positions. We at JCP continue to work hard to share exciting opportunities for your career growth in Japan. We hope that by providing this community, job candidates and other community members can have a more fulfilling experience and find support to achieve their goals as they pertain to living and working in Japan. Please feel free to join the Community Forum by accessing and clicking "Sign Up" today!

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