Check out our new Jobs section!

Read about JCP's new "Jobs" section.

We at the Japan Careers Program are happy to unveil the newest addition to our program's website, the "Jobs" section. The section features a large sampling of descriptions selected from the actual positions that we can introduce through our service. We work hard to share exciting opportunities for career growth in Japan. We hope that by providing descriptions for jobs you could actually be matched to, we can provide a clearer picture of what kind of opportunities await with our program.

Descriptions in the Jobs section can be filtered by Japanese language requirements, visa status, experience level, and program category. Any given position is subject to availability based on the hiring company's hiring efforts and how well a candidate fits the requirements, among other factors. Hiring company names are provided to program participants who have been matched to a respective position. We will continue to add more descriptions in the future, and hope that this new functionality can help bring value to your job search!

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