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Meeting New People in Japan

Moving to a new country comes with some sacrifice. However, you also open yourself for a whole new world of opportunity to meet new people and experience new adventures.

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How to Read and Write a Japanese Address

Whether it’s in 漢字 or in romaji/English, there are a few particularities to the Japanese address system. The best way to learn how is to first understand the parts that make up the address.

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Where to Get a Cell Phone Number in Japan

For anyone staying longer than a couple of months in Japan, there are times when a phone number is required, even if it’s just to purchase a commuter pass or to send a bank transfer.

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What to Bring to Japan from Home

Japan has a lot to offer, but some amenities may not compare to your favorites from home.

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How to Buy a Commuter Pass in Japan

If you take the train or bus to commute along the same route every day, you can get an IC Card Commuter Pass to save a few hundred yen each month.

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What to Do in an Emergency in Japan

In an emergency in Japan, call 119 for Ambulance and/or Fire Department services. For Police services, Call 110.

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How to Get WiFi and Phone Data Service in Japan

It’s near impossible to get around in 2019 without internet access, and the same goes for living in Japan. There are a multitude of methods for obtaining an internet connection.

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How to Get to Tokyo From Haneda or Narita Airport

Tokyo is home to two major international aiports: Narita Aiport and Haneda Airport. Either airport has convenient ways for you to make your way into the heart of the city.

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How to Get a Suica/Pasmo Train Card

The most convenient methods of local travel in Japan are by train or bus. To pay fares, most locals use tap-to-pay IC Cards, like PASMO and Suica Cards.

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