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5 Top Jobs Available in Japan

Read about five top job categories in demand from our affiliates.

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Is an Internship Abroad Better Than Studying Abroad?

With the ever-increasing amount of international exchange and the ever-evolving relationships between cultures, there has been no better time than the 21st century to study abroad.

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5 Reasons to Do an Internship in Japan

Internships are becoming an indispensable tool in a university student’s arsenal of ways to gain practical experience that will help with job hunting after graduation.

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How Our Process Works

The Sakae Japan Internship Program will match you with a Japanese company that will help you improve your skills and achieve your career goals.

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What is the Sakae Japan Internship Program?

In order to give international students and graduates the opportunity to work within their field in an international environment, we hand-pick opportunities for candidates from around the world.

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